Reef Common Ground

Just Passing Through

Common Ground is a film capturing the “Just Passing Through” surf and lifestyle philosophy, exploring Canada’s cold water destinations, from Coast to Coast with Reef Canadian ambassadors Pete Devries, Michael Darling, Logan Landry and Shannon Brown. Filmed and edited by the talented Adam Chilton.

With Reef Ambassadors living on both coasts of Canada, Reef exposes the exploration of Canada’s underrated coastlines. Canada is a big and vast territory, not typically pinned as a surf destination, but the uncrowded waves and jaw-dropping backdrops are integrated into the adventure, and are the reward of diving into cold water.  “Common Ground” features different walks of life, coming together on their journey of Just Passing Through. From Eastern Canada, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Columbia, Pete, Michael, Logan and Shannon embark on the search of waves in some of the most remote places in Canada.

As part of the movie release, OuiSurf team busted the Reef crew with some questions about the project and their views on the Canadian surf culture … Here’s the interview :

Photos : Mike Bromley, Scotty Sherin, Jeremy Koreski & Marcus Paladino
Film : Adam Chilton

Michael Darling

Michael is stepping it up big time this year. He’s really coming into his own and progressing at an incredible rate. I’d say he is the fastest improving surfer in Canada over the last few years. He literally surfs 3 times a day and it shows.