Podcast Swell Season Surf Radio : Mitch & Ravi de September Surf Café

Lors de leur dernier passage à New-York, dans le hood branché de Brooklyn, Mitch & Ravi, les cofondateurs de September Surf Café et du Shaper Studio (Montreal), se sont entretenus avec la gang de Swell Season Surf Radio. La radio online se dédie aux surfeurs de NYC et à tous ses urbains qui aiment l’eau. C’est d’ailleurs cette curiosité qui les a mené à rencontrer Mitch & Ravi.

“I walked into a cafe in Montreal and discovered a shaping bay in the back. Needing to know more what this was doing here in this city hundreds of miles away from the ocean, I dropped my card off with the barista. A month later September Surf Cafe’s partners Mitch Martin and Ravi Handa dropped into the Swell Season studio in Bushwick. We talked about the standing wave in Montreal, launching a cafe next to one of the best restaurants in North America, and surfing Rockaway for the first time.” — Swell Season Surf Radio