Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2017: it’s a wrap!

The 11th annual Rip Curl Pro Tofino took place on May 12th – 14th at Cox Bay, Tofino. More than 150 participants from Canadian locals, to international travelers from across the globe fought to win the Canadian Surf Association‘s (CSA) National Championship title in their respective divisions: Pro Men’s, Pro/Am Women’s, 35+ Masters, U16 Girls, U12 Girls, Longboard Women’s, Open Men’s, U18 Boys, U16 Boys, 50+ Legends, U12 Boys, Longboard Men’s. The Canadian Peter Devries, from Tofino is the winner of the Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2017, achieving his 7th Pro Men’s division title! Congrats!

Photos : Kyler Vos

On his success at home : Peter Devries

“This is the beach where I surf the majority of the year, so I have gotten so comfortable here. I surf here all the time and I think that’s the reason I do well in this event. I feel so comfortable here competing. It’s just nice to be at home competing.” —7x winner of the Rip Curl Pro Tofino, Peter Devries

The 3x World Champ in town : Tom Curren

“They’ve been bringing a lot of talent [to the Rip Curl Pro Tofino] event, from the west coast, especially, and we need more events like this. We need more events in Canada and we need more events up and down the west coast. There is a lot of really good surfers even coming out of Northern California from Canada. Surfing is growing in Canada a lot faster than a lot of other places too…” — 3x World Champ, Tom Curren

On the rising standard of the Pro : Sanoa Olin

“would say the heat draw every year gets harder and harder there is more names coming from out of town. There is more local guys getting better and better. Some of the younger performances this week were amazing, some of the younger kids are surfing really, really well and they are going to be pushing us by the time they are 15 or 16 in the mens and women’s division. Sonoa—an 11-year-old winning the women’s division.”

Results from the final day

Pro Men’s: Final
1st: Peter Devries (CAN) 16.24
2nd: Pat Curren (USA) 14.40

Pro/Am Women’s: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 15.06
2nd: Sara Taylor (USA) 15.00
3rd: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.70
4th: Leah Oke (CAN) 10.97

35+ Masters: Final
1st: Ben Murphy (CAN) 15.00
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 12.83
3rd: Declan Lee-Smith (AUS) 11.67
4th: Greg Urata (USA) 11.00
5th: Matt Hanson (AUS) 10.83
6th: David Schiaffino (PER) 10.34

U16 Girls: Final
1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.17
2nd: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 12.17
3rd: Serena Porter (CAN) 8.00
4th: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.50

U12 Girls: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 17.00
2nd: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 14.83
3rd: Chloe Plantenius (CAN) 12.67
4th: Shanti Grimshire (CAN) 9.66
5th: Jade Rosene (CAN) 8.83
6th: Charlotte Egles-Mckinnon (CAN) 7.16

Longboard Women’s: Final
1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 16.20
2nd: Emily Ballard (CAN) 12.60
3rd: Leah Oke (CAN) 12.33
4th: Lydia Ricard (CAN) 9.66
5th: Dawn Batenchuk (CAN) 6.50
6th: Kate Lightstone (CAN) 6.23

Open Men’s: Final
1st: Matt Myers (USA) 14.27
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 11.97
3rd: Joåo Pedro Belfort (CAN) 9.90
4th: Elliot Moore (CAN) 9.07

U18 Boys: Final
1st: Sean Forester (CAN) 15.40
2nd: Elijah Fox (USA) 13.67
3rd: Jackson Malcolm De Gruchy (CAB) 13.13
4th: Evan Thomas Puma (CAN) 12.33

U16 Boys: Final
1st: Fred Sanford (CAN) 15.60
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 15.50
3rd: Jack Gallen (USA) 14.67
4th: Evan Gallen (USA) 13.16

50+ Legends
1st: Doug Ludwig (CAN) 14.84
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 14.00
3rd: Mike Redpath (CAN) 13.00
4th: Harold Sadler (CAN) 9.84
5th: Anthony Redpath (CAN) 9.50
6th: Tim Rykert (-) 7.83

U12 Boys: Final
1st: Fraser Juurlink (CAN) 14.67
2nd: Shea Raphael (CAN) 13.84
3rd: Riley Stoski (CAN) 13.00
4th: Hudson Egles-McKinnon (CAN) 9.83
5th: KillaB Nerpio (CAN) 8.00
6th: Oscar Z Fox (USA) 6.83
7th: Dusty Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.16

Longboard Men’s: Final
1st: Robbie Ferguson (AUS) 15.83
2nd: Andy Jones (CAN) 13.60
3rd: Darren Lundquist (CAN) 13.16
4th: Jean-Laurence Vachon Vigneault (CAN) 9.00

Official National Champions (highest placing Canadian surfers)

Ben Murphy (35+ Masters)
Sanoa Olin (Pro/Am Womens)
Mathea Olin (U16 Girls)
Sanoa Olin (U12 Girls)
Mathea Olin (Longboard Womens)
Peter Devries (Pro Mens)
Reed Platenius (Open Mens)
Sean Forester (U18 Boys)
Fred Sanford (U16 Boys)
Doug Ludwig (50+ Legends)
Fraser Juurlink (U12 Boys)
Andy Jones (Longboard Mens)

The Rip Curl Pro Tofino is going to continue to gather the Canadian surf community, as well as support the athletes. The new generation of Canadian surfers are more ambitious than ever to break through into the international surfing scene. As a result, we can count on them to represent us fiercely at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.